Class descriptions

open gym
A fantastic program open to all athletes motivated to practice and master their favorite skills. Our entire staff of instructors are available for instruction and spotting, safety and encouragement. This is a walk-in program available for all students enrolled in, and visiting, Gymnastics Unlimited.
performance team
By invitation only from Susan Kapchinske, program director. This program is designed to develop the elite athlete. Team members condition daily, enroll for the entire year as their primary sport and perform whenever we are scheduled. Parents are involved wholeheartedly in the program and participate in fund raising and promotion for Gymnastics Unlimited.
Gymnastics, acrobatics, dance and fitness for the student interested in training for fitness, recreation or cross training for other disciplines. A great program for building self confidence , self discipline and self esteem with a greater understanding and respect of the body.
hot shots
Developmental training in gymnastics, acrobatics, parkour, free running and physical fitness for the young student interested in harnessing “surplus” energy into fun skills that require strength, flexibility, rhythm, balance, stamina and discipline. A great program for exploring and organizing mind and body while celebrating spirit.

Parkour is a combination of street gymnastics and ninja skills. Does not involve flips or tricks technically. This is why we teach Freestyle Acro within the same program! Our Parkour students learn to land and roll and vault and precision jump, so when they do flip and twist they land safely!

Learn flips and tricks on floor, trampoline, and springboard. Increase strength, flexibility, stamina and endurance for overall fitness. This program provides exceptional cross training for all sports.